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Moving Tips

The secret is that if you haven’t used something in over a year – you do not need it. Donate it, put it in a trash, sale it online, do whatever you want... EXCEPT waste your time and money on moving it to your new residence.

We can guarantee that no matter how long your moving will last you are going to be too tired to find and unpack everything you need. It’s better to spend 30 minutes on the day before then desperately trying to find a toothbrush or shampoo among all of the boxes at 3 am in the morning.

We all like surprises, but only good ones, right? Don’t want to open one box after another trying to find something specific - just label it! You can add any info on a label, including what room boxes will be going into.

Please be careful and do not overload you boxes. We do understand that you want to save some money and space and our movers are the strongest men in the world, but if the box is too heavy it will just fall apart during the transportation.

Pack everything properly in a box. You can’t even imagine how easily your dressers can be broken up if they are too heavy to safely carry them.

We are all in love with extra-savings. But your furniture, electronics, dishes, artwork etc. – cost more than couple of extra blankets, and bubble-wrap rolls. If you are packing by yourself - use appropriate cartoons and paddings. Do not try to place fragile and heavy items at the same box.

Make alternative arrangements for young children and pets, if possible. We have a lot of experience comforting crying-tired children and locating escaped pets, but we can bet you don’t want to check if it’s truth, right?

We truly have the best team in Florida, but even our super-movers can’t work when it’s too dark, too hot/cold, there is no available water, etc.

We know that you do. And yes, you can try and find an answers by yourself, but we are an expert. For us it’s like "easy-peasy".


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